Cage & Kennel Sponsorships

Clayton County Humane Society offers 4 levels of sponsorships for cages, kennels and select areas at our shelter. Sponsors will have their name placed on a plate that will be prominently displayed on the cage, kennel or select area chosen. Sponsorships are available on an annual basis. Sign-up for sponsorships are only offered from January 1st through April 30th of each year. Sponsorships are effective for one year beginning June 1st of each year.

Choose the cage, kennel or area you wish to sponsor from the list below. The cages, kennels and select areas are named in honor of just a few of the many animals who have enriched our shelter family over the years. All funds collected via this sponsorship are for the CCHS general operating fund, providing shelter, food and veterinary care for the many animals under our care.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want more than one sponsorship you must complete the process individually for each sponsorship. After completing payment (via Paypal/Credit/Debit) you will be sent to a webpage to provide your name, email address, the cage/kennel or area you chose to sponsor, and the text you wish to have on the sponsorship plate (limited to 40 characters). When that form is completed, you will be returned to this page where you may continue to choose additional sponsorships. We apologize for this inconvenience!

All sponsorship levels are tax deductible.

$500 (Catio)

Landon Lyle Williams Kitty Corral

$400 (Welcome Room)

Francis, Frankie & Flint’s Welcome Room

$300 (Dogs – Large Kennels/Runs)

Ally’s Attic

Bette’s Boudoir

Bonz Hideaway

Carter’s Crib

Jesse James Getaway

Olivia’s Oasis

Shadow’s Sanctuary

Spot’s Boogie Ballroom

Syd & ­Reno’s Casino

Tara’s Townhouse

$150 (Cages)


Andy’s Abode

Angel’s Altar

Avalanche’s Igloo

Baja & Taco’s Casa

Carrie’s Condo

Casper’s Corner

Dash’s Digs

Eindy’s Castle

Max’s Manor

Mr. Lily’s Lounge

Sierra’s Lodge

Simon’s Safe Place

Tippy’s TeePee

Small Dogs

Babs Retreat

Chynna’s Place

Diva’s Den

Gizmo’s Tower

Hilda’s Hollow

Honey’s House

Lady’s Lounge

Misty’s Mansion

Paloma & Poncho’s Pad

Petunia’s Palace

Rosemary’s Garden

Spivey’s Cove

Stewart’s Station

Zeva’s Zone

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